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Hides Gas Development Company (HGDC) is the umbrella group for the local Hides landowner companies representing 14 regional landowner companies with a fully represented board of 15 local landowner, recognized traditional leaders.

HGDC was established in 2009 and is recognised as the umbrella Landowner company for the upstream section of the PNG LNG Project by developer ExxonMobil. Since then, HGDC have entered into Joint Ventures with several highly reputable companies to ensure a high quality delivery of service provision – including The Alliance Group for camp catering and janitorial services operating under Hides Alliance Group Limited.

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The mission statement of HGDC is

“Building a sustainable competitive organisation that will service the commercial needs of the PNG LNG Project and beyond….”

The local community at Hides is one that is experiencing major and significant change. Since signing the PNG LNG agreement between the Government, ExxonMobil and the Landowners, the mobilisation to site and the construction start up has been rapid.

People across the Southern Highlands are witness to enormous structural and economic change that is having impact on people’s daily lives. HGDC is working hard to make sure landowners are participating meaningfully in the project either through HGDC directly or through partnership arrangements such as with The Alliance Group.

Chairman of HGDC, Libe Paradinali said that communication to the community about project developments and progress is important. He wants to encourage the community to remain involved and keep participating through commercial opportunities and employment as the project progresses.

“It’s an exciting time for the Southern Highlands and for Papua New Guinea. I see many opportunities coming with this development and we must take these on with both arms open.” he said

Libe continued to say that many business opportunities are being created and as landowners we should use these opportunities to maximise the benefits and improve our way of living.

“We should look beyond the construction phase to ensure we position ourselves and our community for the future. As landowners we should also use these opportunities now to educate our children so they will have the necessary skills to do other things after the life of the project.”

HGDC chose to work with The Alliance Group because of the level of professionalism, experience and commitment that the partnership would bring to the catering

and camp management business. HGDC Management would like to see the same high standards achieved with all of their JV companies, bringing value back to our company and people.

Libe explained that he has already seen many local employees gain skills and work experience in the areas of catering and camp management.

“These skills will provide our people with long term employment and potentially career development outside the area. The standards of training and mentoring that The Alliance team bring to the local employees and HGDC is outstanding. We are very happy with the relationship and the progress made thus far.” he continued.

“The Alliance Group will not be here forever.” said Libe “We need to learn as much as possible so that skills are passed onto the local landowners in the event that these companies move on.”

HGDC currently employs over 1500 PNG nationals in service businesses that support the PNG LNG Development, such as: Labour Hire, Camp Catering, Camp Maintenance, Security, Guard Security, Vehicle service & Maintenance, Light Vehicle Hire and Medium to Heavy Vehicle Hire.

As far as work with Hides Alliance Group is concerned – Activities in the catering and camp management business continues to grow with operations at Kobalu, Well Pad A and Juni all underway. Congratulations to all of those involved in these activities to date.

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