The Alliance Group is part of NCS and the Anitua group. 

Together, providing complete
end-to-end solutions.

Organisation and Joint Venture Partners

TAG’s competitive edge comes from a unique collaborative approach – working with our parent company NCS, part of the Anitua Group, and our joint venture partners.

Our joint venture partnerships with local landowner companies in the areas in which we operate provide our oil and gas clients with a unique combination of global and high volume expertise and local experience, essential to successful operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

NCS Holdings Limited

NCS is PNG's leading catering and camp management company and part of the larger Anitua Group. For over 20 years, NCS has provided services at a multitude of extractive sites throughout PNG, and has served up to 15 million meals per year.


The Anitua Group is a national PNG company comprised of a range of successful business partners providing diverse services including mine site support, drilling, construction, security, retail, IT and systems, investments, logistics and warehousing.

As a 100 percent landowner company, Anitua represents and works with the people of Lihir in developing sustainable businesses and operations that support the communities and economic growth of PNG. Find out more about Anitua by visiting the Anitua website.

Hides Gas Development Company

Hides Gas Development Company (HGDC) is the umbrella group for the local Hides landowner companies. HGDC represents 14 regional landowner companies with a fully representative board of 15 local landowner-recognised traditional leaders.

HGDC was established in 2009 and is acknowledged as the landowner company for the upstream section of the PNG LNG Project by developer ExxonMobil. Since then, HGDC have entered into joint ventures with several highly reputable companies to ensure a high quality delivery of service provision – including The Alliance Group in 2010 for camp catering and janitorial services operating under Hides Alliance Group (HAG).

Laba Holdings

Laba Holdings represents the four villages in the Central Province project area; Boera, Papa, Rea Rea and Porebada, with a combined population of 20,000 plus people.

Laba Holdings became an official business partner of The Alliance Group in 2010, formalising the company Laba Alliance Group (LAG).

LAG is the company contracted to provide all camp services to the Pioneer, Contractors and Sub Contractor Camps at the LNG Plant Site at Portion 152 Central Province.

Your organisation can fully realise its oil and gas capabilities in your region and beyond by relying on the specialist support of The Alliance Group.

Our local knowledge gives us the ability to deliver better results. 

Our expertise covers: