The Alliance Group is part of NCS and the Anitua group. 

Together, providing complete
end-to-end solutions.

Working with landowner groups

Good relationships and expertise in working with landowner groups is paramount to business success throughout PNG and the Asia-Pacific region.

TAG has successfully negotiated commercial relationships with local landowner groups throughout PNG. Some of our relationships involve running TAG operations on their land, others exist because we require access for our supply chains, alternatively we manage businesses on behalf of landowners. Business models are structured to build sustainability and stability.

The most significant of our relationships with landowner groups are our joint venture partnerships such as those with Laba Holdings (Laba Alliance Group) and the Hides Gas Development Company (HAG) which have been pivotal to TAG’s growth and success.

TAG’s excellent reputation amongst landowners and its capacity to work with them successfully is due to our experience and commitment to sustainability for local communities.

As a 100 percent landowner company ourselves, we have not only experience but also empathy working with landowners. We recognise the importance of working with local landowners and gaining their trust, participation and equity in your project. As part of the Anitua and NCS groups of companies we have more than 20 years’ experience working with numerous landowner groups.

Full engagement of local landowners in the project is critical to success. Wherever we operate, we assemble a team with local knowledge who already have the respect and trust of landowners, as well as members of staff who are experts in customary law and the country’s official law. This assists in the facilitation of smooth business dealings between contractors and local landowners and helps our clients drive their oil and gas projects to a level of peak efficiency and output with the support of landowners. Our communication with landowners is open and honest throughout the length of our partnership with them, not just until the ink dries on the contract.

Our fundamental approach is to maximise local content at every stage of development and operations while ensuring we maintain our established standards of excellence in SHE. We make a real commitment to maximise landowner benefits and create long-term sustainability for local communities by incorporating their own businesses into our supply chains and providing financial stability through funding development and community programs. Most importantly, we provide opportunities for skills development, vocational training and employment.

Your organisation can fully realise its oil and gas capabilities in your region and beyond by relying on the specialist support of The Alliance Group.

Our local knowledge gives us the ability to deliver better results. 

Our expertise covers: