The Alliance Group is part of NCS and the Anitua group. 

Together, providing complete
end-to-end solutions.


TAG managers are all high caliber, qualified and experienced team players with expertise in the oil and gas industry. We strive to ensure that we have a combination of expatriate, national and local managers to enable the best blend of experience, skill and local knowledge.

Project managers are carefully selected to ensure they have a background in similar working environments, and a good understanding of cross-cultural challenges. Our management style is one of client involvement and responsive management to ensure that services are always individually adapted to customer specific needs.


At any one time, TAG can employ thousands of staff to meet the peak demands of oil and gas projects.

TAG  employees throughout Papua New Guinea provide optimal quality services to our clients. Most TAG employees are PNG citizens and are often local to the area. Parent company NCS is proud to have plenty of long-term employees, many of whom have served their whole working lives with the Group. 

Your organisation can fully realise its oil and gas capabilities in your region and beyond by relying on the specialist support of The Alliance Group.

Our local knowledge gives us the ability to deliver better results. 

Our expertise covers: