The Alliance Group is part of NCS and the Anitua group. 

Together, providing complete
end-to-end solutions.

Safety is number one

We do more than adhere to oil and gas industry safety standards, we exceed them.

This commitment to safety extends beyond just keeping our workers safe. It ensures that the company’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury or property damage.

In a nutshell, safety is in everything we do. 

Our safe work systems are environmentally sustainable and supported by documented procedures and audited systems.

In addition, employee training and development drive continuous improvement in safety and in the management of risk throughout our workplace. 

It’s become a culture of safety. 

That’s what makes TAG your safest bet as a partner in high-risk oil and gas activities. 

Your organisation can fully realise its oil and gas capabilities in your region and beyond by relying on the specialist support of The Alliance Group.

Our local knowledge gives us the ability to deliver better results. 

Our expertise covers: